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August 24, 2014

We have a new Video Archive online. It’s not fully up yet, so I hope you guys can be patient about that. I’ve already added videos from Sandra’s latest appearences at Guys Choice Awards (huge thanks to Kizzy) and AFI LifeAchievement Awards and will be adding more as soon as possible. If you have any requests, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

  • Aug 25Dmitriy says:  

    Hello! Thank you! Have you got any video/photos where Sandra with her fans? :)

  • Aug 25Dmitriy says:  

    Video Archive is very cool!

  • Aug 25Dmitriy says:  

    I’ve watched recently “All About Steve”. This is very good movie. I was crying. Clever movie.

  • Aug 25Anonymous says:  

    That’s sooo amazing!!!! Thanks!

  • Aug 26Chrissi says:  

    OMG that is so amazing! :D Thank you

  • Aug 29Susu says:  

    There’s a bunch photos with fans at premieres in the gallery, for example

  • Aug 30Anonymous says:  

    Pls add Decade of Hotness speech by Hugh Grant and Sandra’s reactions and speech. Wonderful.

  • Aug 31Dmitriy says:  

    Oh! Thank you Susu! I love FILE 12/100 :)

  • Aug 31Dmitriy says:  

    Hey, Susu! :) What kind of music is her favourite (bands, singers)? :)

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