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May 22, 2014

Sandra Bullock talked to Angela about Warren Easton graduation, Make it Right Gala, New Orleans and more on a radio interview aired on May 19. It’s a 17 minutes interview and she mentions the events she attended in NOLA past weekend and talks about her son as well. You can click here to hear the interview. Here’s the transcript:

Sandra Bullock is an Academy Award winning actress and America’s beloved big sister. But for New Orleans she’s been a gift to the community and specifically to Warren Easton high school. When New Orleans needed friends the most she was there. And now we feel she’s one of us not just for her generosity. But because she has endeared herself wanting to have a home here and finding her beautiful — here. Against Sandra is our guest form the next fifteen minutes and we are delighted delighted pitcher joining us thank you. Well I understand you had a very special day at Warren — today. I would it was pretty beautiful lots of — and lots of tears we know it not out. Woman state without mascara smeared and where there’s not a mile but it had — hurting completely just. It’s such a good day though those young men and women are just. Undated tape they’re just they make my heart explode the pretty amazing.

And you were a surprise for them today. Via I mean I think it’s surprisingly spirited. Oh great someone else can — speak. That can go play action you know if you’d like — — — — — it — now than it did. It would just — you know to look at their faces — to — — in their cap and gown is the ending. They bring so much happiness and joy and pride that it is wanted to let them. Any idea just let — how proud I was what they’ve accomplished is huge. Huge huge huge you know — in and and they don’t do it. Coming having come down an easy path and that — so magnificent about their spirit and heart you know you look at these kids they can be argued there not there. Loving an open and hopeful and determined and didn’t wake up call for all the — adult. It Richard — and clearly that what’s that’s what brings you back but. What — to Warren Easton to begin. Artest locked it used to it. You know at the time like everyone else Q just wondering how else she can tell that will actually. Make a difference can you we feel like to you know you have no power to help at all and and it’s called Brendan that — — — — don’t work on here and and I — what needs help right now. But it doesn’t get it will cease to exist and they called back and make that there’s all morning and that is in risk of losing — building anyone can you know Elaine treated condos in — it will not have. They’re distinct place anymore. And so we just went right to it and and it literally literally quick — — and we did do it blind date and it was the — it was the best thing I’ve ever done. Ice on the at least part of the documentary which shop which is magnificent. And and — To — and just capture double. Feel of it and pilots turned the corner and I’m reminded of the interview you did with Arthur hardy who was when my favorite people on this earth. An — literally. It was like the breath was going — And the school was and you came. Well I mean I think you know all like so many places I’m sure there were many Grachev for going out that just didn’t have a look at someone calling up and someone knowing that minute that mine and image it was one of those fortunate situation and it — — Again you know it’s it was easy for me at that time and I’m really lucky and fortunate that I was having it could career. Moment at that time. They’re literally just you know you I write a check that’s all idea about the amount peace option to — our right to check. It’s. What they do with the money. What they do with which that support that it’s so powerful because it’s the only time they go back to places that you give me accounting of what islands. But with — and in the whole you know group of alumni that have made this school what it is brought it back. There’s not a Kenny and goes unaccounted for and there’s not a moment that they’re not digging into their own pockets even when it’s not. Financially feasible for them to do but they do it anyway for their kids. You know when you see that’s how your money work. You that you — such a sense of pride you wanna be involved in more. People like that are rare that’s sort of that’s that it commitment not sort of loyalty and that backpack and act is rare action — exist under that. You’re you’re being very modest and again yes you can write the check but — much more than that you can you really — that sort of a heartbeat. That the whole city needed and it’s through Warren Easton but it’s. It was important after Katrina it’s important today that people like — embrace us. And not only embraces which like is well on the to have a house. Yeah I think the good people that a candlelight. We think so we think we’re very yeah but we’d love to invite people and but amid the back to school just because I wanted to talk about the clinic which I think is phenomenal. You have yes yes yes yes yes. I mean that clinic. Is the source of medical care for those kids. Yes and and events for their families and and that its — that they don’t go to the coolant into the bigger plan — going to be a plant that letting you know and eventually clinical relief will be contribute to that. The community well. Our you know in all of the things you’re taking care. But to be able to take care of medical need nutrition. Making sure those kids are eating well the debate don’t miss school that they have the energy they have the brain power I mean people don’t realize how. Valuable. That have it in — — that the kids don’t miss any school that trauma can buy when someone is struggling physically. It is it in in fact that it got done back it is 10 lead back. Everyone in their passionate and knows every child mean. It you know it it it into the program that is if people came and looked out at school — They can — a model for I’d say every school. I don’t know why not — I don’t know why people don’t hear about it I expect people like bad news I think it is not news itself but. It’s frustrating because I see. You meeting contribution he’s made — being scary. To me you know. It’s it is that but it’s also again back to you and back to the alumni that said we’re not collect the school atrophy are much less died. When kids know that people care that much day in and day out that inspires them to go lawn. Are completely — — — I — that any adult you know was your teacher that got something special and you and hopefully. Everywhere they were there at one teacher who really thought something great. And then they need to excel in that class inevitably inevitably gonna say you know to have some one. See something at work who — it I remember what their teachers work for me and and do you shine and do better question — then and I really don’t wanna go back and look at it. I don’t like combat it and I like you thinking I would have loved to have been a part of that group. I would have good. Loved to have been a part of this. Community that I just see them see what you know execute it — — and built its its. Inspiring you’d think it — bill that directly got school going I need to I need that might need — now do I needed and need to do things a little better. Lately. Did you have — a teacher who inspired you in theater. I did I. I had two teachers and I had a one teacher that that no longer with the to a can’t teacher and I you know being drama student you know debate began to support it and the drama people came into the camp — I wanted to be and teacher went. A meeting between Albany Aly can’t company’s name on Jenkins — Hewitt. Poetry in motion unbelievable and I would. You know majority drama student who just wouldn’t wouldn’t stay down just trying to crank it — — the — 98 at year mutineers and then. Eventually you know I’d sort of got the nod of approval — I think because of my person here and but the — but he gave me and in those fears of — trying to you know. To get into — the world still use every single day hi. He he he helped me build my body like they’re in my mind in a way back — media and you know that this man going to be great teacher to me. But absolutely I am only speaking about him and I do certain things could he had a big boy. Andy pushed me really hard I mean really really heart out like that people — course account back. Accused of anoint. A — on. Was he living while you’ve got the Academy Award. Now known how to calculate it — it that — eighths in after cracked it much about. But that will perhaps it was looking down saying by golly you did it. — — No he he — looking outgoing bullet that during your body around. — — I know exactly what he’d eaten an — like you’re right on the back it up beyond — is a repeat. He’s been making teachers — a ticket to get everyone. Now but it’s when they’re special paper in your life like that and you can acknowledge him do. Think yeah I you you won the other award for. Really for your generosity. And for the work at Barneys and then real is it was a thrill everybody here watching it. You mean you mean people tell you one. Of the thrill for me to do it shout out and a cool you know I’m not comfortable. Where it you know these awards actually it — serving in the political and go on and on — To me it is it was so important for for me to be able to stand up and finally be able to pass a budget your Britney and I spoke. In needing work that the teachers and faculty and alumni at the kids and young adults do. And it goes back to we don’t talk about the good things enough and I wanted. I haven’t capped the audience — like to give a shout out to about cool and in — kids need to be validated court. They’re extraordinary work inspired don’t. They need to know how well. Inspiring me. Let me tell you it was greatly appreciated and something else that I think makes you very very happy is that precious little boy Louis. The final world needed hierarchy was there today is that — — Keep them out of Africa you know like at the minute elemental right to keep — ATP. Rule. Curious animal talent in his little did we hear it I think that — — — — your. Why did so. BP they’re each app — — like. And I got it hate it and that you know see what your adult I put him into certain he would beat you experience and the idea. And I and maybe didn’t get it in a week from cheese will be riding a bar on the nondescript and — — you bring it back and I’ll be like. He did get — get asked if — — — got older he get that we share what we have with school. Indeed yet buried long it doesn’t make it from the match cop cars they kidnap any. You’ll like that and that — cart com if you. Eat eat eat at — — I want him to take it is — and take over whether it and you know. In the ground — it is — — his legacy to carry on his children and hopefully keep going to count my job to make sure that element is just integrated it is now. For — content. Didn’t at four years old does he know what you do for a living. Yet no idea — — Egypt says that at my mom sit on to not keeping at some point that was announced on it as an ally. But — no idea what I do and he like I like to think if I can keep it that intranet a year year and a half. You will be really — to be and you’ll be completely unaffected by. The ridiculous but what I do which is really true to predict it will. It’s a young talent yeah well I mean did did the work side which is important but in their outside which really had no carpet it’s just. Flop and it’s it’s an unimportant in I want him could be — is it. — — and no means — mom you know and I haven’t I haven’t been on a network for the last two years specifically for that like that it wouldn’t you know. Everything in the work around my schedule at his school life. Biting his mother. If something amazing comes along maybe stepped back into it but I find you know LP his mom has become the priority. And it’s a perfect priority. Are you are adding an additional front and all of perhaps directing or producing. — — Actually do it — it — that — it is that it’s the 27 job you know secure your literally on on the phone and I pretty dominate my arm and I think you know and it’s wannabe actor for hire when I’m with it’s that beautiful boy I don’t waste a minute. If I’m deciding on he can — but when Obama that it. It’s it’s mean him time producing — Cadillac it Whitman directing at noted packaging picking — teleport. Not at all in I don’t have the desire. I want to go home and hang out a little man rather than plot the next day story line and you would actor impossible. Is — — people are adamant that the Buick I’d go home and — — the man to man. Understand Saturday night you do one phenomenal job for another great. Rockets. And somebody to mayors and ask about the electorate it was at Mercedes or something but — Well you do what you have to do in my case humiliate myself and many are — — and we we certainly wouldn’t it be and and mr. reached out last minute and music. Clean we calmed down you know like I’m really I’m going to — on Dana. And you know it’s good we knew we think sometimes it’s not advocate Brad and I turn Bob Barker and Carol Merrill I don’t know we have in that we — ground game — weeks old. Our car liked to say — — it’s hardly — — my horrible feeling good — and people. I am the person who’s not that absolutely stare. And we had a great time and I believe thirteen Guam are going to be built. This year on the money that was raised thirteen — and that. I think I mean that any amount of money it cost to build the com. Thirteen homes built that you work or evening — much — I would. — at that — clean car at my rear end which I did honestly. And you’d be what you — do the people that they’re entertainment and they’re giving their money. So I’m glad we were able to do something in the last minute and we and with her. Yen at the plate and — got hit from every angle and — — and — just like. A major major thank you to use anabolic it just. You’re wonderful friend — the city and it it matters and just know how does. This city has given so much to me over the years long but shortly before Katrina. I candidates — And I. So so much comment. And then when he realized that — — take from places that execute it got to protect in it it always. Is there EU in the next generation and it did. Opened up my little bit not on — quietly had a sweet spot bitch that it will count but I have and and and make an election year maybe I don’t know much. It’s given me. The best. Moments in my life and I am I’m not going anywhere along I have it while it enrich its been my — around — Thank you very very much and where the lucky ones. And I — I literally. Where I’m like yeah which — pretty — Napster but thank you again we really appreciate it okay thank you have a great you. Stay with us everyone will be right back.


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