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I’ve updated the gallery on The Heat section with BluRay Screencaps, Movie Stills and Poster. Enjoy!

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Hollywood studios pump big money into big movies hoping for even bigger rewards, but if you redistributed the $250 million budget of The Lone Ranger, one of this season’s most notorious underperformers, you could finance every single one of this summer’s studio comedies, all but one of which were profitable. They may not sell a lot of toys (though we’d totally buy a This Is the End devil doll, complete with swinging dick), but comedies are good for a studio’s bottom line, and this summer, the freshest formulas paid the most dividends. After yesterday’s analysis of the past season in action blockbusters, here’s a closer look at the six big studio comedies that came out this summer and what their healthy box-office haul might mean for summers to come.

The Heat, $154 million
Originally scheduled for an April 5 bow, Fox wisely moved The Heat to the end of June, a scheduling fillip that made this Sandra Bullock-Melissa McCarthy vehicle the summer’s top laugher. Timing is everything in comedy, and The Heat took full advantage of several narratives converging at the perfect moment: It was the first comedy Bullock made after her Oscar win, McCarthy was on a hot streak after February’s $134.5 million grossing Identity Thief, and female audiences were starved for onscreen representation after a summer of dismal distaff roles (on its opening weekend, two thirds of The Heat’s audience was composed of women, most of whom were over 35). That first-weekend take of $39.1 million marks a personal-best for Bullock, who’s had the three highest grossers of her career over the past five years (only The Proposal and The Blind Side posted higher numbers than The Heat). Hollywood is notoriously hostile to its actresses as they enter middle age, but as Bullock prepares for her 50th birthday next July, she’s clearly bigger than ever.

But will there be a sequel? Though the movie practically begs for it, Bullock says she’s reluctant to go back for more: “I know they say never say never, but right now, I can’t imagine it”, Bullock told Entertainment Weekly. “If you look back on my illustrious sequel work, nothing has proven successful.” Perhaps Bullock is on to something: Comedy franchises can be a hard thing to sustain, as the makers of our next two movies discovered this year …

Grown Ups 2, $125 million
The Hangover Part III, $112 million
This Is the End, $96.5 million
We’re the Millers, $48.7 million (and counting)
The Internship, $44.4 million

Source: Vulture

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I’ve just added few pictures os Sandy on the set of her upcoming movie, The Heat. Take a look:

July, 19: On the set.

July, 20: On the set.

Aug, 13: On the set.

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Seems like only days ago that we reported that Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky (“Bad Teacher,” “The Office,” “Year One”) were rewriting the script for director Paul Feig’s buddy-cop comedy follow-up to “Bridesmaids” that will star Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy — and basically, that’s because it was only days ago. Apparently, the first order of business was to give the film a title, which is now “The Heat.”

Written by “Parks and Recreation” scribe Katie Dippold , the film centers around the strained relationship between a high-strung FBI agent and a “unconventional” Boston police officer. Also joining them in some way is YouTube comic Spoken Reasons, who will play a character named Terrell Rojas, though all other details about the character are unknown.

“The Heat” is yet another project for Feig and McCarthy after teaming up in “Bridesmaids.” There’s “Dumb Jock” and another romantic comedy and an “unconventional love story” that could co-star Jon Hamm, though they might all be the same project. However, “The Heat” looks like it’s in the pole position for now, and if Eisenberg and Stupnitsky can finish the script in time for McCarthy to squeeze in shooting the film before she heads back into another season of CBS’ “Mike and Molly,” we’re anxious to see what kind of damage Bullock and McCarthy can do together. Oh, and Spoken Reasons too. The film is currently slated for an April 5, 2013 release.

Source: The Playlist

Sandy was already spotted on the set of “The Heat”, take a look:


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